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Jun 07,  · Discussion As speaking of China's current adult education, it has mainly the problems of management, faculty, teaching materials, education methods, and students. Adult education in China is largely geared to political and economic ends. In accordance with tradition, content is delivered by experts and specialists with a high degree of formal structure and little student participation. A national teacher training system is needed. (SK)Cited by:

Teach adults in China Teaching English at our Adults schools in China will ensure you live abroad with a great salary, competitive benefits, and get the chance to share an amazing career with people from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to develop a career as a teacher . Jan 30,  · China adult secondary learning takes account of TV/Radio expert secondary school, school for cadres, expert school for workers and staff, schools for peasants, correspondence expert secondary schools and in service teacher schools.

China has the largest education system in the world. Ministry of Education estimates that above 99 percent of the school-age children have received universal nine-year basic education. Higher education in China has played an important role in the economic .