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The mission of More to Life Adult Day Health Center is to provide a safe and friendly group care program for dependent adults during the day. The center provides a comfortable and encouraging environment with a wide variety of activities to enrich the lives of each participant. The program is designed to maintain the participants' highestFile Size: KB. Adult Day Care Mainform Application ADUAPP12/23/08 Page 5 of 5 a. Is the applicant currently insured under a commercial general liability policy including products and completed operations coverage? Yes No Insurer Dates covered from-to (mm/dd/yy) Limits of liability per claim / aggregate Deductible Premium Coverage type: occurrence or.

Adult day health care offers more intensive health, therapeutic, and social services for individuals with moderate to severe medical and cognitive problems including an incidental exposure (up to 25%) of clients with Alzheimer’s. Jun 10,  · Adult Day Health Care can be a half-day or full-day program. Usually, you would go to an Adult Day Health Care center several times a week. Based on availability and need, you can create a regular schedule that works for you and your family caregiver. You may be able to get assistance with transportation to and from an Adult Day Health Care center.

Adult Day Care Centers provide therapeutic programs of social and health services as well as activities for adults in a non-institutional setting. Participants may utilize a variety of services offered during any part of a day, but less than a hour period. Generally speaking, most adult day care is provided under Medicaid waivers. Eligibility for waivers considers the applicant's income and financial resources, as well as their functional ability. In most states, waivers require the participant to be in need of nursing home level care.

A DAHS facility is formerly known as an adult day care center. Becoming Licensed in Texas DAHS facilities must be licensed to operate in Texas. To become licensed, a provider must submit an online application through the TULIP website. Jul 11,  · ADULT DAY CARE: A day program that provides the elderly and other adults with services when their caregivers are at work or need relief. Only those adult day care programs seeking to serve one or more participants with waiver funding are required to be certified. Medicaid Waivers: Family Care, Family Care Partnership, PACE, and IRIS.