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Research at Harvard and other academic institutions that began in the ’s has uncovered what are called adult stages of development. That research is now being applied to leadership development to help leaders manage complexity, ambiguity, and transformational change. Introduction Cognition in adult development arises out of the dynamic interplay of (1) gains in knowledge-based systems, expertise, and skill and (2) losses in speed of processing, working memory (WM) capacity, and inhibitory control processes.

Jun 12,  · Psychiatrist George Vaillant spent most of his career researching and charting adult development. His work is based on research of over men and women spanning 60 . Oliver C. Robinson is senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Greenwich, president of the European Society for Research in Adult Development, and author of Development through Adulthood. His research focuses on how aging, life transitions and crises affect identity, curiosity.

The Study of Adult Development Robert J. Waldinger, M.D. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School One of longest longitudinal studies of adult life ever done Then colleagues can tell you about some of the newer developments in understanding the process of aging 2. Harvard Study of Adult Development. CBS This Morning. Study director, Dr. Robert Waldinger, was recently featured on CBS's "This Morning" TED Talk. Our director Dr. Robert Waldinger recently gave a TED Talk in Boston about lessons from the first generation Study of Adult Development. Check it out!

Discussion: Development. Adulthood and aging, including changes in the body, in perception, and in cognition; and social and emotional development across the lifespan Read more» Further Study. These optional resources are provided for students that wish to explore this topic more fully. Adult development is the gradual replacement of the child's sense of safety (which is now an illusion) with actual grown-up safety anchored in mature decisions. The process of psychological growth gets STUCK when there is a failure of adoption.

Entering middle adulthood (): Committing to new choices made and placing one’s energies into these commitments; Nearly twenty years after his original research, Levinson interviewed 45 women ages and published the book, The seasons of a woman’s life. [4]. Cognitive Development. Because we spend so many years in adulthood (more than any other stage), cognitive changes are numerous. In fact, research suggests that adult cognitive development is a complex, ever changing process that may be even more active than cognitive development in infancy and early childhood (Fischer, Yan, & Stewart, ).