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Apr 30,  · Only then would the punishment be fully over. As bad as the punishment itself was, the anticipation of knowing it would be repeated was just as bad. Anticipation of a punishment, especially one this long and intense, is a punishment itself. And when it was all finally over, it was truly over. What I did was fully behind us, like always. Jun 14,  · I promise you that if you are willing to give this a go for 30 days, you WILL increase your discipline and willpower in surprising ways. 3. Begin Your Day With Push-Ups or a 1-Mile Run.

A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS): Characteristics of a Head of Household (HoH) ~ A Head of Household exercises leadership and guidance in many subtle ways with positive influence and thoughtfulness rather than threats or overt and unfair physical punishments. HoHs genuinely care about the people in their life pins. Just like all the experts say, discipline should have a purpose and be used to reinforce ideas or rules. The ruling ideas in my house are: * I am in charge * My husband is a little baby girl masquerading as a grown man My punishments are always fair and just, and serve only to reinforce these ideas to my husband. They are as follows: * Corner Time.

Aug 31,  · From roleplaying to BDSM, there are simple sexual practices you and your partner can try in an effort to have more kinky sex. Try one of these ideas tonight.