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An Introduction. Hello From Downunder. I’m Andy and i live in Australia. My page will feature videos and pictures that have caught my eye and i will occasionally post stories and other bits and pieces. Adult DVDs Down Under | Adult DVD's Down Under premium adult dvd's covering all genre, fetishes and taste, whatever your into you'll find it here.

Blog Adult Onesie Down Under. Posted on 4th February 5th December by Funzee. 04 Feb. The adult onesie craze that hit the UK in also made it down to Australia in So much so that the word “onesie” has become one of the top choices to . HILDEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Unbelievable! Every time we look Down Under, it keeps getting better and better! Move over in your graves, Cleopatra and Helen Of Troy! Those goldilocks from Down Under can go head to head with anyone throughout history! Good on Hilde for having a day, everyday!! during a global pandemic, no less! Down with Covid!

Could everyone who subscribes to the blog or has enjoyed the misadventures of this particular Dad Down Under please subscribe to the new blog through the heading that says “Subscribe” funnily enough. At the risk of having you roll your eyes I would not be writing if it was not for the readers so I hope I can tempt lots of you to follow me. Adult-Sized Baby Bottles; Pacifiers; Stuffed Animals; Caregivers This category includes some toys which may appeal to the caregivers, mummies, daddies and bigs of the ABDL scene. We realise that these products may not be of interest to everyone, but we believe it is important to cater to the needs of everyone in the community.

Jan 26,  · Sex-positive bi woman here. I have recommended your column to many people over the years to help them feel normal and human in their kinks, fantasies, sexuality, etc. But I’m having a . Apr 06,  · Adult shows in particular lay it hot and heavy for you, especially right after the family themes go out the window. Don’t get fooled by the “adult” title; some of these shows have real quality. These shows extend racy performances to an adult-only .