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It is very rare that a young person, who stopped bedwetting at childhood, will relapse during adulthood. In order to understand this condition we first have to distinguish between two types of relapses: The adult that had a single or very few bedwetting accidents. The adult that started to wet the bed frequently. Oct 01,  · Sometimes this adult bed wetting relapse could be an occasional or onetime event, while other times it could be a more frequent. For some individuals relapsing into adult bed wetting could be the result of extreme fatigue or psychological stress, while in other cases it could due an injury or any other medical condition.

Oct 01,  · To investigate the factors affecting desmopressin response and relapse rates in an adult male population with monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis (MNE). Nocturnal enuresis is a frequent heterogeneous condition, which is genetically complex in by: 8. Aug 15,  · Enuresis is defined as repeated, spontaneous voiding of urine during sleep in a child five years or older.1 Enuresis may be classified as primary or secondary, and monosymptomatic (uncomplicated Cited by:

Jun 19,  · It can be divided into three subgroups - persistent primary nocturnal enuresis, recurrent nocturnal enuresis and recent onset nocturnal enuresis. Persistent primary and recurrent nocturnal enuresis are commonly due to nocturnal polyuria and nocturnal detrusor overactivity. These can be treated by desmopressin with or without anticholinergic drugs. Secondary nocturnal enuresis (SNE) is when a child or adult begins wetting again after having stayed dry. Treatments range from behavioral therapy, such as bedwetting alarms, to medication, such as hormone replacement, and even surgery such as urethral dilatation.

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