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Icebreaker games allow adult family members to get acquainted and catch up without feeling too much pressure or anxiety. Most group games help break the ice, but personalized, interactive games help family members learn about each other while they play along. Scavenger Hunt Family Edition. On hot days, this family reunion game is a must. Have everyone pick a partner and stand facing each other. Start standing two-feet apart, and after each toss, take one step backwards. The team who tosses the balloon the farthest without letting it pop wins.

May 13,  · Family reunion games can make a family reunion even more memorable – here are some of our most-loved games from past reunions that you can easily replicate! Fun Family Games. A few weeks ago we attended a family reunion with my mom’s family. It’s something we always look forward to every two years, and I hope we’ll be able to continue. Carnival Games – A fun idea for your family reunion is to have a full-on carnival day with all kinds of carnival games. For example, a bean bag toss, can toss, cupcake walk, or even a prize punch! Lawn Twister – If you like the game Twister, then you will for sure love this version!

Jan 28,  · Let the Good Times Roll: Games for All Ages. Family Jigsaw Puzzles - Family photos can be made into large-format jigsaw puzzles and used in a variety of ways such as speed contests or giving each family several pieces to be placed in the puzzle throughout the weekend.; Minute to Win It Games - From snack eating to squirt gun races and all sorts of silliness in between, the options are . How to Play: Perfect for a family reunion at the beach. Set up your volleyball net, or go someplace that already has one set up. Divide the group into 2 teams, preferably 6 people each, making sure the best players are on your team. Then enjoy either a casual volley or an intense match to 25 points!

Apr 10,  · Make your next family reunion even more fun by incorporating these classic games and activities into your festivities. Both kids and grownups alike will love these popular options from Amazon including indoor activities like Apples to Apples and bingo, . Gregory Bonner, Lexington, Kentucky, shared ideas about his family's Reunion Trivia game which involves everyone from six years old to eighty years young. New questions are written for each reunion because they should teach and entertain. This is a great game, because it gives people a lot of interesting things to talk about after the game is over.