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A self-reliant poultry bird, adult guinea fowl graze all day consuming bugs, insects, ticks, grasshoppers, flies, crickets, and small rodents. Think of them as an alternative to toxic pest control options. Can you eat a Location: N Windy Mansion Rd, Reinholds, , Pennsylvania. Nov 12,  · Guinea fowl are often kept for their meat, which is regarded as a delicacy. They taste slightly gamey, although milder than pheasant, and a full-grown guinea fowl should just about feed four people. There is a tendency to dryness, so pheasant recipes are a .

Dec 17,  · Guinea fowl have been reported to have lived to be 17 years or older, but unfortunately, more lose their lives to predators than to old age. In the winter, guinea fowl care is important to shield your flock from dangerous temperatures and hungry predators. Apr 11,  · Guinea fowl become tamer when allowed to interact with chickens. 2. Guineas Know No Boundaries. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but chickens know when they are off of their turf. I’m not sure how, but they do. Well, guineas are not like that. Not in the slightest.

But if you purchase adult guinea fowl and need to train them to come back at night there are a few things you must do. First, keep adult guinea fowl caged in their new home at least 6 weeks. This gives them time to adjust to the new area. Adult guinea that isn’t . Apr 25,  · Guinea Fowl History. As members of the Numida family, guinea fowl are more closely related to birds like pheasants, turkeys, and other game fowl species than they are to chickens.. Some people believe that guinea fowl were raised as far back as ancient Greek times! Believed to have originated around BC, these creatures were brought back to the Romans from the native region of .

The Guinea Fowl Breeders Association (Phyllis Bender, 4 Coach Lane, Westport, CT ) has a directory of breeders or visit the Guinea Fowl International Association website for more information. You may find a supplier or Guineas for sale at local agricultural fairs in the “poultry pavilion.”. Mar 14,  · Before you run out and purchase guinea keets (baby guineas), fertile guinea eggs or older adult guinea fowl, there are some important factors to take into consideration. First, you must make certain that you live in an area were you are permitted to keep poultry.

Apr 30,  · If we got a few adult guinea fowl that were used to free ranging would we be able to train them to come home roost in a new coop on our property after allowing them to partially free range in the late afternoon??? i hear they're pretty flighty birds compared to chickens, and if you haven't raised them from keets, you're better off keeping them.