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adult learners week - Geography teacher fucks with the learners

If your organisation offers any form of adult learning such as courses, classes, lectures, exhibitions, tours, training programs, tutoring, discussion groups – then Adult Learners’ Week is an opportunity to celebrate and promote what you . Adult Learners’ Week is free and for everyone. Below are just some of the inspirational stories of people who have taken the first step to turn their lives around to build a better future. Adult learning has been key to each of their success stories and for many a life-line.

In response to current events all learning activities for this year’s Adult Learners’ Week campaign will be delivered virtually during 21 – 27 September with a build of PR promotion and advertising that will start in July and August. Register your events by 26 June Adult Learners Week runs from 1–8 September and incorporates International Literacy Day, which is celebrated annually on September 8. Adult Learners Week in Australia is part of an international festival of adult learning.

Adult Learners’ Week is coordinated by Learning and Work Institute, an independent policy, research & development organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment & inclusion. We have worked closely with a wide range of partners and stakeholders for over 25 years to support the delivery of Adult Learners’ Week in Wales. Adult Learners Week is an international celebration of lifelong and lifewide learning. We encourage Australians to use Adult Learners Week to reflect on your own learning journey and investigate opportunities to “take the next step”. We encourage adult education providers to use the opportunity to market their courses and programs.

Adult Learners Week aims to raise awareness of the value of adult learning, celebrate the achievements of learners and providers, and inspire more people to discover how learning can positively change their lives. Adult Learners' Week This years Adult Learners’ Week is on the 21st – 27th of September, and there are plenty of events you can take part in online. Together with our partners, we’re running live masterclasses, courses and podcasts covering a range of areas.

Adult Learners’ Week Adult Learners’ Week is held from September throughout Australia and internationally to promote community based adult learning. In South Australia the theme for is Community Education, enabling individual opportunity and developing pathways to further education, VET traineeships and employment. Acknowledging the fantastic work undertaken by adult learning projects throughout Ireland. The STAR Awards (Showcasing Teamwork, Awarding Recognition) celebrate the positive contribution that these projects make to individual adult learners, local communities and wider society.