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adult stem cell cardiovascular university - Babes - Stems starring Franck Franco and Carol Vega clip

Developing cell-based therapies for cardiovascular disease, utilizing adult and human embryonic stem cells differentiated in vitro into cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells or their progenitors prior to delivery to diseased cardiac tissue. Keeping in tradition with University of Utah Health’s commitment to advance the fields of medicine and surgery, our physicians are focusing on regenerative medicine as the next frontier in treating cardiovascular disease. Researchers within the Cardiovascular Center estimate cell therapy will be FDA-approved within three years.

This is a trial for patients who have had a heart attack in the past and have heart failure as a result. This trial will evaluate the effect of administering the patient’s own bone marrow stem cells directly into the most affected parts of the heart, compared with placebo, on heart function over time. Patients will be enrolled for one year. Findings: Although adult stem cells were once believed to have the ability to create new heart tissue, preclinical studies suggest that these cells release cardioprotective paracrine factors that activate endogenous pathways, leading to myocardial by: