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Nov 16,  · You may have any of the following: A bulge or swelling in or near your belly button A bulge that gets bigger when you cough, strain to have a bowel movement, or sit up Nausea or vomiting Constipation. According to Johns Hopkins, you should seek medical care immediately if you have: abdominal pain and tenderness; constipation; fever; full, round abdomen; red, purple, dark or discolored bulge; .

Jun 29,  · Visit a physician in the following cases: The bulge becomes painful. Vomiting occurs, accompanied by a bulge. The bulge swells up more or becomes discolored. You used to be able to push the bulge flat against the abdomen, but now it cannot be reduced without significant pain or tenderness. Aug 15,  · Umbilical Hernia in Adults and Other Related Problems. For most people who are living with the discomfort of an umbilical hernia, surgery is recommended to repair the problem. An umbilical hernia is the bulging out of the tissue near the belly button or navel. The hernia is caused when organs protrude from its original place due to the weakening of the surrounding tissues.

An umbilical hernia in adults can produce a bulging belly button. An umbilical hernia is the name for a small loop of your intestine bulging out of your belly button. Your belly button (or umbilicus) is the small opening among the muscles that cover your belly. It’s where the umbilical cord attaches the fetus to its mother during pregnancy. Adults who have umbilical hernia are likely to experience intestinal obstruction. In such a case, emergency surgery may be needed. In case of children, the complications are not so common, and they happen only when the abdominal tissue is incarcerated and cannot be retracted into the abdominal cavity.

May 24,  · This deformity is crucial symptoms of umbilical hernia in adults. The second is discomfort or pain. If the intestine becomes strangled in the hernia’s opening then you might have intense pain, vomiting, dizziness, and fever. Left untreated it can lead to sepsis or gangrene which is the most frightening of the complications. An umbilical hernia in adults can also cause abdominal pain and stomach pain and bloating. Unlike adults, the symptoms are a bit easier to point out in cases of pediatric hernia, such as vomiting in infants and discoloration of the escaping gut nugget.