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Mar 11,  · Violin Lessons for Adults Violins are a stringed instrument, similar to the guitar in appearance and are also called fiddles by some people. From the first adult violin lesson he has given to a years old undergrad, he has taught adults from diverse backgrounds, such as national servicemen, working professionals, and even a mom of four teenage kids. His adult students started violin lessons with various wishes: To fulfil their childhood dream of playing the violin.

Jul 10,  · 3) Udemy Online Violin Courses Udemy is a popular online learning platform that perfect for beginners and professional adults who want to learn new skills. Among its many courses are a wide range of violin courses, so you are sure to find something that suits you if you are interested in playing the wonderful instrument. Opportunities for Violin. MacPhail offers a diverse range of options to enhance your music learning. We have everything from individual lessons and shared lessons, to camps, create-your-own chamber ensembles, rock and blues bands and much more.

Best Violin Lessons near you. Violin/viola/Piano Teacher. 1 Review. I have been learning violin/viola for 17 years and learned piano since age 4, I started to provide private lesson as a professional violinist/violist for over 6 years. My specialty is classical music, I am able to adjust my teaching method based on the students level and Location: Wake Forest, NC How much do violin lessons for adults cost? – most popular schedule is 30 min once a week. It is $ per month – you get the same day/time/teacher every week. For adults we also offer an option doing lesson to lesson (different time or day every week or if you like to take lessons every other week). The price is $30 for 30 min lesson.

May 22,  · Starting on the Violin as an Adult Beginner: What to Expect. May 22, , PM · What is it like to learn the violin, viola or cello, as an adult? As a teacher, I warn adult beginners that they can expect something like a cross between kindergarten and physical therapy. If you can accept those two conditions, then you can go quite far!