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For parents of teens and young adults with anger management issues, It is not uncommon to feel hopeless and defeated. As dedicated as these moms and dads may be, they feel overwhelmed by constantly fearing for their child’s safety, as well as the safety of those around them. Nov 05,  · In fact, the healthy communication of your full range of emotions—including anger—can be a critical part of your difficult young adult’s healing process. But for parents who habitually smother, ignore or redirect feelings of anger, even detecting feelings of anger can be difficult.

Dec 23,  · We believe that a new therapeutic frame to respond to adult children’s anger at their parents may be more beneficial in the long run—to the adult child, the parent, and the grandchildren. The same new frame is needed for those of us, clients or not, who hold firmly to the notion that parents are to blame for many psychological difficulties. Aug 09,  · Raising a generation of angry young adults By The sentiment reminded me of a comment one reader sent in about my post on the new book “How to Raise Your Adult Children,” by Gail Parent.

May 17,  · Parents who find that their adult children seem angry or avoid them for no apparent reason may be confusing having good intentions with not . Aug 10,  · Editor's Note: This article is fifth in a 6-part series on how parents can stop enabling unhealthy behaviors in their adult children. Read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.. Let’s say we.

Apr 04,  · A positive parent-child interaction appeared to “mitigate the effects” of a negative one no matter which adult child caused the initial parental upset on a given day: “A grown child may call.