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Aztec Software’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) Continuum of Learning is a series of computer-based, instructional programs that provide diagnostic and personalized learning experiences, with a focus on core academic subject areas for adult learners. Adult Basic Education Aztec’s Continuum of Learning includes three ABE learning series, each which goes through a rigorous, evidenced-based development process to create assessments, lessons, practice drills, and the user experience.

The Aztec Foundations Series is the perfect place to continue instruction and build upon basic skills. Focusing at Grade Level Equivalency - , but written for adults, the Foundations Series sets the groundwork in all three of the major academic areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The Aztec Bridge Series is a new and revised curriculum featuring over lessons in Reading, Language Arts and Math. The Series is designed to correlate with College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education at Grade Level Equivalency -

The Arizona Training & Evaluation Center, Inc. (AZTEC) is a private, non-profit, IRS approved (c) (3) organiza­tion providing day activity, educational, home and community based, employ­ment, and residential services and supports to individuals with dis­abili­ties. Aztec’s GED Prep Series content is continuously updated with each GED® revision. The lessons are problem-centered and include question sets that elicit higher-order thinking, allowing students to absorb, rather than memorize content. Much more than a basic skills curriculum.

Aztec Learning System Login. Login. Password. No matter what your age, if you have never graduated from high school with either your High School Diploma or GED, Aztec Home Schooling can help you reach this goal. Home Schooling is a great alternative to completing your high school education while being able to continue your busy schedule. No GED classes to attend or timed GED tests.