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chubby polar bears - Bi-Polar PAWG Gets 2nd Cumshot Tonight On Her Massive Tits

Dec 09,  · Polar bears need to consume approximately pounds of fat daily or a lbs seal provides about 8 days’ worth of energy. Polar bears can eat lbs of seal blubber in one sitting. May 08,  · Hefty polar bears, which love to sink their teeth into greasy blobs of fat, could hold the key to avoiding heart Jen Viegas.

These sweet chubby polar bears are fishing, skating, skiing, reading, relaxing on a beach and much more. Above you can see samples of all the graphics in this set (shown much smaller than actual size). They are in PNG format with transparent backgrounds, and in dpi for excellent printing. Polar bears also have a thick layer of fat below the surface of the skin, which acts as insulation on the body to trap heat. This is especially important while swimming and during the frigid Arctic winter. The bear's large size reduces the amount of surface area that's exposed to the cold per unit of body mass (pounds of flesh), which generates.

Polar bears have been known to kill people. The bears are hunted especially by Inuit people for their hides, tendons, fat, and flesh. Although polar bear meat is consumed by aboriginals, the liver is inedible and often poisonous because of its high vitamin A content. To keep them warm, polar bears have black skin over a thick layer of fat that can measure up to centimeters ( inches). In the water, they rely more on their fat layer to keep warm; wet fur is a poor insulator. This is why mother bears are reluctant to swim with young cubs in the spring — the cubs just don't have enough fat.