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Aug 11,  · Chykka Adult After Samus damages Chykka enough, it will momentarily disappear before returning in its adult form. The Chykka Adult will attack Samus by ramming and by firing massive bursts of dark water. In order to damage it Samus must first stun it by using beam weapons; all Missile attacks will deflect off it if not Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A Chykka in its imago (adult) stage. When a Chykka finally reaches its adult stage, its gargantuan body will cease to move, which can inadvertently mimic death. Chykka adults (or Chykka imagoes) are tremendously smaller than their previous form, although the reasoning to such a tremendous and sudden change is not well understood.

There are two forms of Chykka Adult: Light and Dark. On the Light phase, Chykka is weak to Dark Beam. On the second round of the Light Phase, Chykka takes more damage to stun. The dark phase can shoot out babies for you to refill ammo. On the Chykka Adult's light form, jump out into the water and fire normal dark shots at point-blank. It only takes to stun it. Discovered by Red Scarlet Once the adult is stunned, seeker missile its back.

This music plays during the battle against the Chykka Adult in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Chykka was presumably a female War Wasp that got possessed by the Ing. Its gigantic size might mean that either it was already a small, normal-sized War Wasp and possession enhanced its size, or that somehow being exposed to Dark Aether's poisonous waters enlarged it. Either way is likely, seeing how Ing possession physically mutates the host.

Chykka Swimmer Light and Dark forms I beleive there's a mistake on one of the pictures that says "The Chykka in its dark adult form" but I am pretty sure that it's the light adult form because there was a significant color change when the Chykka had symbiotic possession. Parkersvx , 17 September (UTC).