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First, if the condom is coated with a spermicide then there is a 90+% chance that all sperm in the condom are dead. Secondly, time is a major issue. Sperm are sort of like parasites in that they can only live outside of a host for a VERY short time, as they need a warm, moist environment to survive. Aug 15,  · “Splurging, which is when the contents of a discarded condom is used by a woman to inseminate herself in order to get pregnant, isn't only unethical but it can be dangerous as well. “Unprotected Author: Marie Claire Dorking.

Oct 22,  · Only if you take the semen out of the condom and insert it into your vagina would you run the risk of getting pregnant. Moreover, if the condom contains a spermicidal, your chances of getting pregnant go down significantly because the spermicidal will kill most if not all of the sperm. Feb 11,  · A MAN has claimed he spotted his girlfriend stealing sperm from used condoms just moments after they had sex. The baffled New Yorker admitted he is "nervous as f***" as he took to an internet forum Author: Erica Doyle Higgins.

Feb 08,  · Taking emergency contraception right away was a really smart idea — that reduced your chance of pregnancy by a lot. It sounds like it’s possible that some sperm leaked out of the condom and into your vagina. In the future, it’s always a good idea for the guy to pull out and take the condom off after he ejaculates. The sperm cannot live inside the condom for more than 30mins - 1 hour. As soon as the semen starts to dry the sperm too will die off.8 hours is too long - the sperm will not live that long and cannot cause pregnancy. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more input.

Nov 11,  · On Nov. 9, , the website fistxxx.xyz published an article positing that a Las Vegas hotel cleaner won child support from a millionaire after impregnating herself with sperm from a used condom. Apr 24,  · And yes you are exactly right sperm banks wouldn't work if sperm died immediately. So yes you could get pregnant that way (and some people have), if semen touches the vagina. If you just put it in.

Woman Steals Ex-Boyfriend’s Sperm, Has Twins, Sues For Child Support By Shawna Cohen | November 23, Brace yourselves, people: This is a long, strange tale about a woman who allegedly stole her.