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harry potter and hermione erotica - Ron Jeremy & Potter Twins

Mar 14,  · In the first of a series of fan fiction Harry Potter erotica, read for the first time the "Untold Tales" hidden away until now Harry and Hermione have escaped certain death once again after surviving Godric's Hollow and Nagini. Harry's wand is broken beyond repair, Ron has left them and his anger has reached new heights/5. Jul 05,  · Hermione Granger; Harry Potter; Ginny Weasley; Mr Granger (Harry Potter) Mrs Granger (Harry Potter) Arthur Weasley; Molly Weasley; Kingsley Shacklebolt; Dominant Hermione; Oral Sex; Smut; Erotica; Rimming; Romance; Summary. Hermione is appointed new Minister for Magic, and after the official party she celebrates it with her husband in a very.

Harry Potter had always known Hermione Granger was a girl, thank you very much. She was a girl, but she had always been that girl who was one of the guys. That girl you couldn't look at as 'girl' but rather a good, completely untouchable friend. Her status as something that could never be looked at sexually to him was cemented when it became. Harry Potter () Hermione Granger () Ron Weasley () Ginny Weasley () Draco Malfoy () Luna Lovegood () Neville Longbottom () Sirius Black () Albus Dumbledore () Severus Snape () Include Relationships Hermione Granger/Harry Potter () Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley () Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley ().