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pic line and breast cancer - Tit Clamps and Breast Pain

Nov 02,  · According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer if diagnosed as stage 1 to stage 3 is between percent and 72 percent. But once the cancer spreads to Author: Valencia Higuera. May 21,  · PICC Line Insertion: The insertion of the PICC line does not require surgery. A specialist nurse or doctor places a PICC line into a large vein in your arm and guides the CVC up into the main vein near your heart where blood flows quickly. Once the PICC is in place, the catheter tube will stick out of your skin.

Aug 21,  · A PICC line can reduce irritation in the veins by delivering the chemotherapy straight into a big vein and to make sure that the chemotherapy is given safely. It also allows for the medications, fluids and antibiotics to be given directly to the bloodstream. Jul 25,  · Hi. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had my PICC line inserted about weeks ago. Judging from the comments on here about waterproof covers for PICC lines, it doesn't seem like there's been much improvement.

Breast cancer forum. Diagnosis and treatment PICC line helpful tips? New; Breast cancer forum requires membership for participation - click to join. Site updates. What's next for the Online Community? 1 month ago. Planned maintenance - Tuesday 10th November, 7am-1pm. Hi I went in yesterday to have a Picc Line Inserted and the nurse could not penetrate my vein even though she said it was a very good looking vein. I layed on the bed for 1 1/2 hours while she tried every angle to get in in. I was supposed to get chemo yesterday and it was delayed to this Thursday because a Radiologist is going to try and insert a Picc line today, Has anyone with breast cancer.

A PICC line was put into my left arm and I have had a nurse come to my home every week to change the dressing and draw blood from the line for the Infectious Disease doctor to see how I am progressing on the med. I hope by the end of this month I can be finished with the antibiotics, the Xeralto I may need to stay on for another month. Breast cancer is the most dangerous cause of inverted nipple – it is invasive cancerous tumor that develops in the mammary gland. Inverted nipple could be first and only sign of breast cancer. Healthy nipples are most times “pop out” or become visible after stimulation or temperature changes. Any nipple that is more indented than.

Well, you can have a temporary (for the length of your treatment) line put in. Depending on your consultant/hospital, you will probably be offered a Hickman, Picc or Portacath. I've got a Portacath so can tell you all about that one but I know a little less about the other two but I hope the information below gives you some idea of what to expect.