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pump and dump breast feeding - Breast milk pumping. BRA

After nine months of abstaining from alcohol, a glass of wine can be a special treat for some parents. If you're breastfeeding, you might wonder if it's safe to have a drink and still breastfeed when it's time, or whether you need to " pump and dump " (throw out your breast milk after drinking alcohol). Apr 20,  · What does “pump and dump” mean? “Pump and dump” is a term that’s used to describe pumping breast milk and then dumping the milk out instead of storing it for another feeding. It’s often done by women who think they've had too much to drink. Keep in mind that pumping and dumping doesn't get alcohol out of your system.

Oct 18,  · Don’t bother with the whole pump and dump breastfeeding method since it’s pretty much pointless. In addition, you could also swap for a non-alcoholic drink if you’re that paranoid. I was thinking about doing this and honestly, don’t see the real difference in doing this since I’m not the biggest fan of the way alcohol tastes anyways.