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WTF?! this girl has a. Sep 18,  · Pseudoclitoromegaly or pseudohypertrophy of the clitoris "has been reported in small girls due to masturbation: manipulations of the skin of prepuce leads to repeated mechanical trauma, which expands the prepuce and labia minora, thus imitating true clitoral enlargement".".

Aug 30,  · Whether it's because we're not taking the time to explore our own clitorises during masturbation, or a sexual partner bypasses the clit in favor of Author: Brittney Mcnamara. If the size of any organ significantly exceeds the standard, then we can talk about a harmless feature of the body, or about the pathology, the symptom of a disease. The phenomenon of steroid clit (clitoromegaly) is an increase in the clitoris, in which the size of this organ significantly exceeds the norm.

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