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PA clenched fists view Carpal bone alignment appears anatomical on both sides. The scapholunate interval is within normal limits bilaterally. Radiographic stress views are an important element of the clinical workup of SL the various stress views described in the literature, we found that the clenched pencil view75 and AP clenched fist view in 30° UD (with the second and third metacarpal heads flat on the plate) resulted in the most consistent, widest SL clenched pencil view showed the widest SL gap in 5 of 9 by:

Nov 11,  · Wrist - PA (Clenched Fist) Area Covered: Mid and proximal metacarpals, carpals, distal radius and ulna, and associated joints; soft tissue: Pathology shown: Normally performed as part of a functional series of the wrist to compare the appearance of the scaphoid. Various dynamic tests have been described to improve the detection of scapholunate ligament injuries. 4,7, 8 The clenched fist view has been an important addition to the armamentarium of X-ray.

The PA clenched fist view of the uninjured wrist revealed SL gapping of >3 mm in 50% of patients but with generally greater gapping in the clenched fist view of the injured wrist. Conclusions: The PA ulnar deviation and clenched fist stress views were equally effective in showing a dynamic SL diastasis following wrist injury. The average American who views the clenched fist as just a cool or faddish “fist pump,” or as simply a cry for black racial justice and equality, fails to understand what the editors of.

Jan 08,  · The “clenched fist” view. When: High suspicion for scapholunate dissociation; Why: Clenching the fist will widen the space between scaphoid and lunate, which suggests a scapholunate dissociation. Figure Scapholunate dissociation of right hand. Case courtesy of . recommended views. AP and lateral views of the wrist; additional views. radial and ulnar deviation views; flexion and extension views ; clenched fist (can exaggerate the diastasis) findings. AP radiographs. SL gap > 3mm with clenched fist view (Terry Thomas sign) cortical ring sign (caused by scaphoid malalignment)/5.

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