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Beth was a gorgeous, year-old woman. She had blue eyes that sparkled and a stunningly beautiful face that was suitable for the cover of any magazine. Beth was five foot nine and blessed with the body of a swimsuit or lingerie model. Her natural, 34D breasts could easily grace the centerfold spread of Playboy. Final Chapter In war there is death. The army arrives. Beth finally gets her boots. Florence goes to visit William's grandfather. Showdown at the mountain pool. Florence makes a challenge. A date with William. and other exciting erotic stories at fistxxx.xyz!

Betrayal: Beth The following was inspired by champsrus's story, "Wife Needs A Shoulder," in which a quadriplegic is unable to stop his wife from cheating, and is unable to defend himself from her lover, who takes great pleasure in abusing him as well. That story ends with a statement that it would be continued, but it was never finished. Beth put her hands on Ben's hips and pulled him into her mouth rhythmically. They worked like a team. Dick forward, mout forward. Dick back, motuh back. Beth stopped for a moment and said to the group, "Since I'm catching Ben's cum in my mouth, why don't the rest of you come gather around and watch and jack yourselves.

Beth spent some time that week searching the internet for stripper ideas. She ordered some costumes and 'stuff' from Amazon. She kept exactly what a secret from me. Tommy said the party would start at 8, but the entertainment didn't need to be there until or so. Beth and I decided to drive separately to maintain our charade. Beth arched her back as she screamed in pain. With her back arched Beth's big tits bounced in front of my face. I viciously sucked on Beth's nipples as her large breast bounced up and down each time I thrust my thick cock inside of her young sexy body. I was in heaven. Beth's young naked sexy athletic body was underneath me.

Beth broke the kiss and looking at me asked, "Are you ready Honey?" Again I just nodded. "No" she said, "I need to hear you tell me to do it." Trembling and with my voice cracking I said, "Go ahead Babe suck his cock." She smiled then bent forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. It was the most erotic, beautiful thing I had ever seen. Category: Erotic_Stories Dan and I work for the same company - he is a manager, and I am a lower level production supervisor. For about a year, Dan had been having several of us guys over to his place Friday evenings for poker - he has a nice secluded place with a pool out at the edge of town near Phoenix.

Lucky guys witness sexy bet between female roommates! A wife will do anything to win the bet. She tried to mug him as he walked through the park. Just a quick one for siblings Emmett and Erica. Brother hates to lose, how does she fix him? and other exciting erotic stories at fistxxx.xyz!