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Zun Fetish Gallery is an online gallery offering over Zuni & Navajo Hand Carved Native American fetishes. We feature a wide range of carvings from museum quality vintage fetishes to modestly priced fetishes for beginning collectors. You can shop by fetish animal including, Zuni badger fetishes, Zuni bear fetishes, Zuni bird fetishes, Zuni buffalo fetishes, Zuni cat fetishes, Zuni eagle fetishes, Zuni fish fetishes, Zuni frog fetishes, Zuni horse fetishes, Zuni corn maiden carvings, Zuni. Zuni fetishes usually depict animals, especially their eyes, claws, teeth, heightened senses and connection with elemental forces. These carvings are meant to evoke animal spirits who are the messengers of the Creator. Zuni fetishes and their power/protection animals also appear in jewelry, for example, the Zuni fetish necklace.

Click here to view our Zuni Fetishes. Zuni fetishes are truly charming works of art. Each Zuni carver has his own style and each fetish has its own personality. Whether you are buying a fetish for spiritual, medicinal, as a collector or as a pet, there is one thing about a fetish, they do speak to your soul. Recommended Reading: "A Guide to Zuni Fetishes and Carvings Volume 1" by Kent McManis "A Guide to Zuni Fetishes and Carvings . Fetish carvings are believed to hold magical powers and protect the owner or craftsmen from various problems of mind or body. The Zuni Indian Fetish must be taken care of and are given offerings of cornmeal and kept in special turquoise encrusted fetish pots or pouches.

These small fetish carvings have been believed by the Zuni Tribe to hold protective and/or healing powers and specific animals were also known to provide luck in hunting game. Zuni fetishes can be thought of as objects holding a spiritual significance that can provide supernatural support if treated by the owner with the necessary respect. Zuñi fetish bear and animal carvings are one of the most popular and collectible art forms of Native American artistry. This is a highly creative and expressive art form, uniquely mastered by Zuñi carvers. The tradition goes back centuries, became popular in the early 20th century. Fetish carving has had a resurgence since the s.

Zuni fetishes are animal carvings that have been used by the A:Shiwi (The People) for over a thousand years. By honoring the animals and acknowledging their special "medicine" (their natural traits), we may summon our own similar attributes. Fetishes . Zuni fetish carving of two rabbits going into a hollow log, made of Picasso marble. Native American Made. It is 3" long, 7/8" tall and 1 1/4" wide. This fetish was handmade by Zuni artist Arvella Cheama, and is signed on the bottom. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility, abundance, and are known for facing fear.